With origins in Argentina, Tuscany, and Sicily (and even Bosnia), the Surealistas’ collective beat includes Afro-American clave, cumbia, son, MPB and tropical sounds, not forgetting their adolescent origins drawing from rock, psychedelia, songwriters, and literature.

They are a real, ‘leaderless’ band – based on an idea of a circle, enclosing and encompassing a range of ideas, voices, and colors. Vinícius de Morães once said: “Life is the art of the encounter”. The spirit of the encounter drives the SuRealistas’ music – original songs inspired by a love for Afro-American and Indo-American traditions.

Following two European tours (covering France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary), two albums (“Surealistas” and “Canta”) and three videos (for “Canta”, “Vida mía” and “Perro Desobediente”), the band have a clear goal – to be open to the world and ready to dance.

This is the key to the life of their shows, marrying the magical and dream-like with theatre and mischief. Their immersion in South America stretches to the global South and its diversity. With it, a recognition of the need to preserve the natural world in an era where we have collectively lost our way. Every show is a kind of ritual – a celebration of life, song, and dance, a must-see – exuberant, fun-loving, romantic and surprising.

Line Up

Jeremías Cornejo: vocals, guitar, ukulele
Joaquín Cornejo: vocals, keyboard
Agustín Cornejo: vocals, guitar
Mauro La Mancusa: trumpet, percussions
Gianni Valenti: tenor sax, percussions
Matteo Bonti: bass, vocals
Pietro Borsò: drums
Simone Padovani or Laura Falanga: percussions

Main Concerts:

Budapest Folk Fest (HU)
Drienok Festival (SK)
Lent Festival, Poletna Scena, Nights in Old Ljubljana (SLO)
Trefpunt Festival, Copacabana (BE)
PIN Music Conference (MK)
The Kultur Punkt, Afropfingsten Festival (CH)
Brin de Zinc (FR)
De Nacht Van de Kaap Festival (NL)
MieVGeislingen an der Steige, Peissnitzhaus Konzerte unt Festival (DE)
Slow Travel Fest, Nano Verde, ExWide, The Cage Theatre, Mercato Sonato, Musicastrada Festival, Itinerari Folk, Festa delle Culture di Ravenna, Angelo MAI, Etnica Vicchio, FLOG, Arno Vivo, Festa della Musica di Chianciano Terme, Mandrea Festival, Orientoccidente, Ethnos Festival (IT)



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